Official webpage for SocRob, a R&D team project at ISR-IST devoted to research and international robotic competitions (e.g. Robocup).

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SocRob is a long-term project at Institute for Systems and Robotics from Instituto Superior Técnico university, encompassing a broad range of efforts towards teams of robots to perform tasks, with particular focus on the participation in scientific competitions.

About Us

“SocRob” has two different meanings: Soccer Robots and Society of Robots.

SocRob MSL robots

We started participating in RoboCup Soccer competitions (Middle Soccer League) in 1998 as SocRob, deeply endorsed to the idea that scientific competitions are a strong push towards addressing challenging scientific problems that arise when effectively deploying real robots in the real world. We got to participate in both 4-Legged League and Simulation League as well.

SocRob Rescue robots: RAPOSA-NG and Quadcopter

Since 2006 (ELROB) we started competing in other domains, such as robots for urban search and rescue with SocRob@Rescue. We introduced to RoboCup Rescue a ground robot, RAPOSA-NG, where a stereo camera mounted in a Pan&Tilt was controlled using a Head Mounted Display. A quadcopter was used to acquire visual data for RAPOSA-NG to begin searching for victims.

Currently, our team is committed to service robots in domestic, healthcare, and office environments with an unified team named SocRob @Home. Nonetheless, SocRob Rescue is also in constant development, although is it currently presented outside the competition scope and performing only for public demonstrations.

SocRob in EuRoboCup 2000
SocRob @Home in Robótica 2014
SocRob @Home in European Robotics League 2017
SocRob @Home in Robótica 2018

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Join Us

SocRob @Home team in Rome, Italy

Are you looking for an amazing experience with real robots in a team environment, while contributing actively for state-of-art research and gaining personal experience that will prove fruitful to your academic and professional future?

If you're interested in joining SocRob, please send us a mail to socrob-info (AT) or contact our personal mails stating who you are, our motivations, your academic background and how you would contribute to this project. Also, check here for more information about our work and some requisites.

We're willing to accept new, motivated members to our team!


North Tower from IST, Lisbon, Portugal

General contact: socrob-info (AT)

Project Coordinator
Pedro M.U.A. Lima (Associate Professor)
pedro.lima (AT)

Prof. in charge
Rodrigo Ventura(Assistant Professor)
rodrigo.ventura (AT)

Team Leader
Oscar Lima (PhD Student)
olima (AT)

Former Website

The former SocRob webpage, regarding all of Soccer competitions (Middle Sized League, 4-Legged League and Simulation League) from 1997 to 2011 can be found here.