Official webpage for SocRob, a R&D team project at ISR-IST devoted to research and international robotic competitions (e.g. Robocup).


Become a sponsor

Currently we're looking for sponsors to our new SocRob @Home team. If you're interested in sponsoring an actual, challenging and novel team project with international exposure that approaches both current state-of-art concepts and manages to implement it in a real robots and scenarios, please check our sponsorship packages bellow or ask us for a custom one.

Robótica 2014 Demo Presentation

Aside all exposure that this project offers at an international level, it is carried out by a team of professionals and students with real expertise on the robotics field, focused on both academic research and robotics competitive level.

The team activities are partially supported by public funds from research projects. Nevertheless, several expenses are hard to justify under current limitations to the utilization of public funding for research. Therefore, sponsorship is especially important for team travelling (to participate in robot competitions) and maintenance costs. Any extra funding that we can use to improve the quality of the equipment used will certainly be essential to ensure more competitive participations that will expose the sponsor and Portugal abroad.

Platinum Sponsorship Package is an exclusive package for one major sponsor to which we could count as both our best benefactor and as a partner. This sponsorship would grant him an exclusive and privileged status among all other sponsors. Terms and conditions are to be discussed beforehand.

Please contact us by socrob-info (AT) if you are interested to sponsor us.

Normal Packages

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Value 200€ 500€ 2.000€ 4.000€+
One-only Exclusive Package
Always mentioned as Main Sponsor
Invitation to our meetings as Team Partner
Invitation to our workspace for team presentation
Availability for public or private demonstrations
Sponsor Credit in Public Presentations and Workshops
Dedicated page on Website
Logo on Robot (small) (medium) (big)
Logo on Media content (Powerpoints, rollup, brochures, flyers) (small) (medium) (big)
Logo and Link on Website (small) (medium) (big) (highlighted)

Please note that all packages have the duration of 1 year. An extension can be reserved, although fund values may change. Other advantages can be negotiated.

Custom Packages

If you want to cooperate with us with a different approach, we can discuss a custom package for you.